Piers Morgan Sticks Up For Jeremy Clarkson In Classy Column (Seriously)

I bet that’s a sentence you never thought you’d read anywhere, right? Let me assure that you did not, in fact, wake up in Bizarro World this morning, or that if you did then I’m right there with you. Amid Jeremy Clarkson’s FacePunchFracasGate scandal, the embattled Top Gear host has an unlikely defender in the form of… » 3/23/15 12:20pm 3/23/15 12:20pm

Here Are Four Reasons Why Leasing Is A Horrible Idea For Car Lovers

Car dealers often make big deals out of leasing. On its face, you can get a brand new, warrantied car that no one but the service tech had farted in for a price that rivals a value meal at McDonald's, per month. It's a win-win. But before you run to the ATM, let me explain why it's not the best fit for car enthusiasts. » 1/21/15 12:00pm 1/21/15 12:00pm

The Strange Orphan Story Of The Most Successful Le Mans Car Ever

The car above is Mazda's last prototype to race at Le Mans. Only it wasn't just a Mazda. It was a Jaguar. Only it wasn't a Jaguar, it was a TWR. Only it wasn't a TWR, it was a Porsche. This is the strange story of the orphan prototype that won Le Mans twice in a row and nobody seems to remember it existed. » 1/09/15 12:06pm 1/09/15 12:06pm