Here Are Four Reasons Why Leasing Is A Horrible Idea For Car Lovers

Car dealers often make big deals out of leasing. On its face, you can get a brand new, warrantied car that no one but the service tech had farted in for a price that rivals a value meal at McDonald's, per month. It's a win-win. But before you run to the ATM, let me explain why it's not the best fit for car enthusiasts. » 1/21/15 12:00pm 1/21/15 12:00pm

The Strange Orphan Story Of The Most Successful Le Mans Car Ever

The car above is Mazda's last prototype to race at Le Mans. Only it wasn't just a Mazda. It was a Jaguar. Only it wasn't a Jaguar, it was a TWR. Only it wasn't a TWR, it was a Porsche. This is the strange story of the orphan prototype that won Le Mans twice in a row and nobody seems to remember it existed. » 1/09/15 12:06pm 1/09/15 12:06pm

Top Gear's Latest Non-Controversy Is Full Of Crap

Top Gear has had plenty of controversies and non-controversies in the past, but this one is just absurd. The tittering ninnies over at the Daily Mail are now all in a huff over the latest Christmas special, not because anyone was actually insulted, but because there was a reference to a past incident. Cretins. » 12/31/14 2:00pm 12/31/14 2:00pm

Here's How You Can Own This Vintage Porsche 911 SC For Chump Change

If you've been in possession of a more-or-less reliable pulse for the last few years and have glanced at the used car market at least once, you'd have figured out that the one car to get is a vintage Porsche 911 like this project SC Targa. Now's your chance to roll up your sleeves and buy one of your very own for… » 12/26/14 12:53pm 12/26/14 12:53pm